Status of Items (listings) in Osclass

The publications in Osclass they have the following statuses:

  1. Premium: In the sql table 'oc_t_item' the value of field 'b_premium' appears by default in 0 (false). The listings premium (true) enjoy position priority in search results.

  2. Active / Inactive: In the sql table 'oc_t_item' the value of field 'b_active' appears by default in 0 (false); the item is inactive. When an item is inactive, show a message, warning the owner that its publication has not yet been validated. An item inactive is not showing at the public (error 404). FACT: With the official payment plugin, an item active it is considered a paid item.

  3. Enabled / Disabled: In the sql table 'oc_t_item' the value of field 'b_enabled' appears by default in 1 (true); the item is enabled. An item not enabled it is considerate blocked but show message warning the owner that still has not been enabled the publication. An item blocked is not showing at the public (error 404) and disappears of Listings section (the owner can not do anything, neither edit, nor erase).

  4. Spam / Not Spam: In the sql table 'oc_t_item' the value of field 'b_spam' appears by default in 0 (false). Only one publication for administration purposes is marked as spam. The public or the owner of the publication can not detect a publication marked as spam.

  5. Expired / Not expired: An expired publication is not taken into account like active status, even if it has the value of the 'b_active' field in 1 (true). It also does not show the owner and at the public that has expired, only in administration.

How to add a custom admin menu in Osclass

Exists two way to add an admin menu, and one is more customizable. You can write the next lines from functions.php of your theme or index.php from your plugin.

How remove type="text/javascript" in Osclass

Remove type="text/javascript" from osc_enqueue_script() function.

For the html5 validation in our sites the attribute 'type' is obsolete  and should not be placed.

We could resolve this editing directly in the file' line: 


But, the correct way to do fix this without touch the core osclass (original code) is make it from the template (for me is the best practice).

Implement a DataTable in Osclass

A DataTable in Osclass is a dynamic table to view records from the administration (oc-admin) and make editing, manipulation, activation, deactivation and deletion easier in bulk or filter a search of the records, all in one place.

Make a Plugin in Osclass

The content of this tutorial shows the development of a plugin prototype with basic functionalities (CRUD), but following the same Osclass Model-View-Controller (MVC); you will get a complete starter template that you can download free at the end and use it as a guide. Doing this the right way you will discover that everything makes sense, it will make things much easier for you when climbing development and teamwork. And by direct consequence you will also better understand the Osclass classified system.

Osclass is back

With the recent official disappearance of Osclass support, the powerful classifieds system of recent years seems to have reached its end, or that is what is believed; I present to you the projects that are still behind Osclass and its possible continuous support.

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