Osclass is back

With the recent official disappearance of Osclass support, the powerful classifieds system of recent years seems to have reached its end, or that is what is believed; I present to you the projects that are still behind Osclass and its possible continuous support:


Osclass Community brings back this powerful classifieds platform in its new version 3.9.0, where several errors have been corrected, and most importantly, everything has been removed from osclass.org, now there will not be a long loading page in the panel of administration.



After almost a year of inactivity and without updates for the development of Osclass, on August 7, 2019 the official team sends an e-mail to its list of subscribers notifiying that on September 6 of the same year they will close the market, after a few weeks without more answers from the team, both the site (https://osclass.org) and the forum (https://forums.osclass.org) hace fallen.

By that time Osclass could be downloaded in its version 3.8.0 with a direct link from the website, although in the official Github repository it was in version 3.7.5.


Other sources that still support Osclass on themes and plugins:


San Osclass



Do you want to appear on this list? It's free, send me an email and check if you support Osclass.